Daniela Rodrigues Moura

The Book

If you are seeking a path of self-discovery that opens the doors to divine connection, this book is for you. Comprised of eighty messages that address paradigms of human beings and society, “The Paradigms of Earth Seen from Heaven” brings Heaven’s response to the deepest questions of human existence.

Jesus speaks through messages of stillness and peace, urging human beings to discover their own path of light. These are words of love that assure us it is possible to live in harmony with Him and be supported by His energy in moments of vulnerability.

Combining ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques, author Daniela Rodrigues Moura presents an inspiring and transformative work that will touch your heart and help you find your way.

Be touched by these messages of love and wisdom, and embark on the path of self-discovery and divine connection.


Currently, we only have the original version in Portuguese. However, if you are interested in acquiring the English version, please contact us.


Daniela Rodrigues Moura, born in Cerva, Ribeira de Pena, in 1982 and raised in Mondim de Basto, is the author of “The Paradigms of Earth Seen from Heaven.” She attended Law at the University of Minho and later graduated in Religious Studies from the Universidade Lusófona do Porto.

Currently residing in Switzerland, Daniela is a holistic therapist of the Caminhos de Anura and provides training in spiritual development and autonomy.

“The Paradigms of Earth Seen from Heaven” is her first publication.


These are messages of love and wisdom that aim to touch the heart of each reader, helping them embark on the path of self-discovery that will open the doors to the connection between humanity and the divine realm.

The book comprises eighty messages that address various paradigms of human existence and society, viewed through the eyes of Heaven. It serves as Heaven’s response to the deepest questions of humanity, with Jesus speaking through messages of stillness and peace. Above all, it encourages individuals to embark on their own unique path of light, which is accessible to all who wish to walk it.

These words of love assure individuals that there is a way to live in harmony with Jesus, where they can find solace in His energy during moments of vulnerability.


"É um livro tão precioso, com uma energia extraordinária, ele existe para abrir o coração das pessoas e percebermos o quanto é importante estarmos em contacto com nós mesmos."
Ana Rachão
"Os paradigmas da terra vistos do céu é um livro que tocou muito o meu coração e trouxe muita luz na minha vida."
Sophie Santos