Hello! My name is Daniela. I began my spiritual awakening in 2005 through the loss of a loved one. This event brought many existential doubts to my consciousness that had always plagued me throughout my life and had led me, from a young age, to a state of depression, emotional instability, and above all, a disconnection from my own energy. Starting in 2006, I began the path of self-healing and expanding consciousness. Every path I followed led me to delve into the invisible world of energy. Throughout numerous trainings, I learned techniques of meditation, energy cleansing, spiritual healing, and emotional rebalancing. During the first 10 years, I worked with the connection to the energy of Jesus. In the past 5 years, through the trainings in the Paths of Anura, I have added a connection to the energy of the Goddess, which can be understood as the energy of the Virgin, the Earth, or Gaia. Throughout the years, in addition to my writing work, I have shared the knowledge I acquired for my own healing with others. In 2016, I started offering therapy sessions professionally, and today I also dedicate myself to remote and in-person therapeutic sessions, as well as providing training in self-empowerment and spiritual development. Above all, my heart urges me to share with others what I learn for my own healing.

Daniela Rodrigues Moura

Author and holistic therapist

These are some additional courses that were part of my journey of self-discovery and spiritual healing. Throughout the years, I sought valuable knowledge and training that enriched my path as a holistic therapist and author. Here are some of the courses I had the opportunity to take:

  • Anura Essences (Anura System)
  • Flower Therapist Training (Anura System)
  • Master Flower Therapist of Anura (Anura School)
  • Yasmin, the Feminine Energy (Anura System)
  • Trainer Training for Omrom Reiki Method
  • Stellar Quantum Healing
  • Alexandra Solnado Project – Therapies of the Soul. Levels I to V
  • Karmic Astrology (Alexandra Solnado/José Augusto)
  • Seminar with Lee Carool, Kryon
  • Melchizedek Ascensional Method
  • Caycedian Sophrology
  • Reiki, Stellar Touch

These complementary courses were instrumental in enhancing my therapeutic skills and expanding my spiritual understanding.

Let’s walk together towards awakening and connecting with the sacred within you.